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"When the rhythm of the music changes, the dance step changes also."

What is biodynamic Psychotherapy?

Biodynamic Body Therapy

Every human is conceived a wonderfully unique being. Individual experiences from this moment and throughout life's journey mean people sometimes need to protect themselves from pain, or to survive, and build armour to do so. These embodied defences can block one's natural energy flow in different layers of the body and mind, including the autonomic nervous system, potentially limiting a person's natural capacity to live, grow and thrive in the world: with oneself, with other people and with all living beings.


Biodynamic psychotherapy, which affects physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life, stems from the humanistic approach and works with the healing life force to work with the mind, body and spirit as one. Sessions are co-creations between client and therapist. They are process-oriented, client-led and unfold uniquely to meet individuals and their needs in varied ways: rooted talking, embodied exercises, breath release techniques, attuned touch, guided visualisation and imagery to name a few. 


Biodynamic psychotherapy might help ease physical symptoms such as aches and pains, undiagnosable symptoms, numbness and chronic pain, by approaching the symptom gently, giving it space to breathe and voice itself.

With psychological dis-ease such as stress, depression, anxiety or overwhelm, therapist and client gently work together to explore its physical manifestation to help find ease. This form of therapy can also help a person navigate their way through a crisis, a junction in life, a yearning for an embodied way of life, or a deeper journey of self-exploration. 

What sets this practice apart from other psychotherapeutic approaches is attuned touch, which can be very effective when wounding has occurred from conception until the age of about 2 years old, before a child can express themselves verbally. The touch is sensitive to physical and emotional states, it is trauma-sensitive, and can be experienced on skin or on clothes. The biodynamic approach treats each unique person with all their many layers, rather than as a body or a part thereof.

Nicola works from Tree Space, a quiet, safe haven in Hindhead, Surrey.  She also offers sessions in nature and in South Africa where she travels to when she can.  

About Nicola

About me

Nicola is a trainee biodynamic psychotherapist (UKCP), a biodynamic massage therapist and full member of the Association of Biodynamic Therapists.

She was born and grew up in South Africa, has lived in different countries in Africa and Europe, speaks English, French, and some Italian. She embraces diversity and honours the bravery of humans committed to deepening their understanding of, and relationship with themselves, their loved ones, others and our precious planet. She believes this individual work can have a ripple effect to the level of global healing.

Earlier in life she was a translator in the tourism industry in Botswana, she has taught French, yoga and English as a foreign language. She's happiest barefoot on a beach or in the African bush.  

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Biodynamic Massage Therapy

​if you experience or are experiencing

​Physical aches and pains






Undiagnosable symptoms

Chronic pain

a crisis,

 a junction in your life and are in need of support to navigate your way through it, biodynamic massage might help.

​If you're seeking an embodied way of life, or are on a journey of self-exploration and discovery you wish to deepen?

Biodynamic massage might help you too. In each treatment, the therapist adapts the nature and intention of the touch to meet each client where they are in the moment and in the context of their history. The touch is sensitive to physical and emotional states, it is trauma-sensitive, and can be experienced on skin or on clothes. The biodynamic approach treats each unique person with all their many layers, rather than as a body or a part thereof. A series of at least 6 sessions is recommended as the body-mind needs time to feel into and respond to new ways.

Biodynamic Massage

What clients say

“Working with Nicola for nearly 2 years now, has been a life-changing process. The transformation I have felt within myself during this time has been beautifully subtle and incredibly real. When I first came to the work I was a young and newly single mother, to a very young baby. I was vulnerable and traumatised, and completely burnt out. Over time I have felt myself begin to soften and relax. It's as though I have started to come back to myself. Working with the awareness of my body has literally begun to change the way I think about things in my day to day life... It's fascinating. Nicolahas worked with me to build a safe and trusting relationship. It has been her gentle nature, slow pace and deep knowing, that has enabled me to begin to flourish now in the ways that I am."


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